Bates & Hasselback LLC is a true “family" practice located in Westerville, Ohio.  The two attorneys (David Hasselback and Anna Bates) are husband and wife and along with their two staff persons (Trish and Andrea) concentrate their legal practice on people and their legal problems.

The areas in which the firm provides legal services are:

A wide ranging area in which Bates & Hasselback LLC is called upon to assist their clients in a difficult and emotional time in their lives. Both attorneys have over twenty-five years experience in divorce, dissolution, legal separation, child custody, and post decree issues. Anna and David have litigated those issues in many of Ohio’s counties including, Franklin, Licking, Delaware, Union, Morrow, Fairfield, and others.  Anna has been particularly successful in the domestic arena and applies her “unique point of view” as the Mother of three sons and her personal experiences in the domestic arena.  When it comes to domestic relations matters Anna has “been there, done that”.

As with Domestic Relations, this area encompasses child custody matters, but for persons who had children, but did not marry. Anna and David also provide representation for parents defending against abuse, neglect and/or dependency allegations, represent juveniles charged with criminal and truancy offenses and grandparents seeking custody and/or visitation with their grandchildren.

Particular emphasis on Chapter 7. In many, but not all such cases, at the conclusion of the bankruptcy, individuals often are able to remain in the same house and drive the same automobile, but without the crushing debt (often credit cards or medical bills).  There is “life after bankruptcy” and Bates & Hasselback LLC may be able to assist you, should the need arise. 

This area encompasses a wide range of services, including the preparation of wills, powers of attorney for health care, living wills and general powers of attorney. In addition, Bates & Hasselback LLC can assist clients in the difficult tasks associated with handling the estate of persons who have “passed on”. In order to provide these services, at the lowest possible costs, Bates & Hasselback LLC utilizes Andrea, a staff assistant, specifically trained in the area of decedent’s estates. Other actions that are handled by the firm through the Probate Court are adoptions, guardianships and name changes.

Purchased a “lemon”? Roof leaking after expensive repairs? Haven’t seen that Contractor since you paid the deposit for your remodel?  Bates and Hasselback LLC can assist clients who have been victimized by “home improvement” contractors and “used car” salesmen as well as clients who have been induced to enter into purchase agreements they really did not understand (often elderly clients who are particularly trusting and vulnerable). David has secured judgments against “used car” salesman;  has forced a car dealership to “take back” and replace an automobile; and has had other successful outcomes for his clients.

Includes such areas as personal injury, criminal defense, civil litigation, and numerous other types of law addressing issues people find themselves involved in and need help. If Bates & Hasselback LLC does not practice in a particular area, such as worker’s compensation or employment discrimination they have a “network” of experienced attorneys to whom they can refer clients. 
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